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Creating an Equal World for Cyberlearning

Technology is changing our lives. Some of the changes are more direct in terms of improving our overall living condition, but often times changes are happening in a deeper level – helping us interact with others, access knowledge and grow … Continue reading

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Data Protection and Privacy: Everyone Knows Everything About You

It’s fascinating (and horrifying) how much our social interaction online has changed. In 1993, the New Yorker published its famous cartoon “On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog”. Now 20 years later, while the joke is still somewhat relevant, … Continue reading

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Copyrights versus rights to access information

Digital or not, the timeless dilemma of intellectual property rights comes from conflicts of different perspectives. From artists’ perspective, protect their rights and make a living to make their arts sustainable. From consumer’s perspective, they want to be able to … Continue reading

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Freedom of Expression & Technology

Coming from a country where “Freedom of Expression” is scarce, I more often think of this issue from a political angle and put it into different boxes labeled by nation-states. Therefore I found this week’s readings quite interesting because they … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Overwhelming Flow of Information – Big Data

The Internet has saved researchers the trouble of physically pulling out drawers and flipping through documents. Nowadays almost everyone would start the research online. It seems easy to get enough information from the existing online library, database, journal collections, from JSTOR, Online Archive to … Continue reading

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The Difficult Battle Against Cybercrime

The debate over the Internet policy often comes down to the trade-off of safe versus free. Loosen Internet regulations will expose us to greater vulnerability for cybercrimes, but a heavy-handed control will inevitably sacrifice our freedom of speech online. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Making a More Accessible World

In their paper Technology for People, Not Disabilities: Ensuring Access and Inclusion, Alan Foley and Beth A. Ferri make a point that technology should aim to assist, not accommodate, different needs from all people. The ideal situation is, through the help of … Continue reading

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