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Wearable computers: extensions of the human body

Throughout human history, civilizations have always studied ways to face adversity and to build tools to facilitate living conditions. American anthropologist Edward Hall believed that body limitations triggered man’s curiosity to create tools that could be used as ‘extensions’ of … Continue reading

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Mobile and Wearable Computing: A Day with Technology

Mobile and wearable computing is expanding to meet a number of our personal and professional needs.  Devices sold are to reach 70 million by 2017 and sales are predicted to reach $19 billion by 2018, but what does that exactly … Continue reading

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Wearable Computing: Are Cyborgs the Future?

Google Glass is scheduled to hit consumer markets in 2014, but one person, Professor Steve Mann, has been using optical head-mounted computers since 1980. Unlike Google Glass, Mann’s EyeTap Digital Glass has become a more or less permanent fixture of … Continue reading

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Big data

The internet has revolutionized ICT and transformed many areas of our life as individual, has great implications on governments and governance, and has great implication on country’s development. Big data emerged in the new millennium as a result of ICT … Continue reading

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The Era of Big Data

The advances of technology have enabled Internet users to create and publish their own content, therefore, increasing the volume of information tremendously. We now face an incredibly large amount of data that is difficult to track.  This new reality lets … Continue reading

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Leveraging Big Data

The sheer amount of large and complex data sets, known as big data, is growing at an astronomical rate.  Keep in mind data sets do not always arrive in neat packages ready for analysis either and big data is characterized … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Overwhelming Flow of Information – Big Data

The Internet has saved researchers the trouble of physically pulling out drawers and flipping through documents. Nowadays almost everyone would start the research online. It seems easy to get enough information from the existing online library, database, journal collections, from JSTOR, Online Archive to … Continue reading

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Big Data: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much?

Researches across the globe are both delighted and discouraged by the massive quantity of data that now exists and is being created at an unprecedented pace. On the one hand, this means that a wealth of material, with the majority … Continue reading

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Cybercrime and Cybersecurity: Did We Leave the Windows Open?

Cybercrime is often put into three categories: 1) the use of a computer as a communication tool for illegal activities, 2) using computers as a storage device for illegal material, and 3) the act of targeting a computer.[1] According to … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity: A Balancing Act

Technological innovation continues to bring forth new and interesting challenges and with it the ever-increasing need to manage cybersecurity in inventive and resourceful ways.  The advances in technology has forced an evolution in cybersecurity to meet the emergence of cybercrimes.  It … Continue reading

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