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Global and Regional A11y for ICTs: Policy Frameworks

This post is a bit delayed.  It should have been written a week ago, but that was in the middle of a meeting in New York City of monumental proportions. Last Monday, the United Nations General Assembly held a special … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity and cybercrime

This week topic is extension issues concerning internet governance. In a broad definition, cybercrime is referring to act of crime that committed through the internet and cyber security referring to some form of mechanisms in place that impede the act … Continue reading

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Technology for All

Advances in technology have broken barriers across countries’ geographic and political boundaries, going to remote regions and connecting people worldwide. However, there is a large parcel of the world population who has not contemplated the benefits of ICTs.

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Technology as an Inclusive Concept

Continued advances in technology have generated increased opportunities for disparate peoples to communicate asynchronously across the world. Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which originated on a mass scale with the invention of the printing press, has evolved into a world … Continue reading

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Making a More Accessible World

In their paper Technology for People, Not Disabilities: Ensuring Access and Inclusion, Alan Foley and Beth A. Ferri make a point that technology should aim to assist, not accommodate, different needs from all people. The ideal situation is, through the help of … Continue reading

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Accessibility and Cyberinfrastructure

On May 3, 2008 the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) entered into force. This marks a historic shift in in attitudes toward accessibility – both as it applies to infrastructure and cyberinfrastructure. The CRPD … Continue reading

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Enabling environment: Access, Accessibility and Assistive Technology

This week reading/ class focus on the dynamic and complexity of technological innovations that impact people with disabilities. To accelerate ICT innovations that allow full participation of people with disabilities in society, Universal Design (UD) principles is one of the … Continue reading

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